Chris & Kathryn

Chris Linford LCol, (retired) BScN, CD and Kathryn Linford.

Chris and Kathryn are the co founders of the COPE Program and have based it mainly on the strategies that worked for them during their two-decade battle with PTSD in the home. They are the face and voice of COPE as well as play a “support couple” role in the delivery of each program.

     Tim Black     

Dr Tim Black, PhD., R Psych.

Dr. Black has been a researcher in the area of military to civilian transition for over 15 years, is an Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology and Department Chair of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria. He is Co-Founder of the Veterans Transition Network (VTN) and Co-developer of the VTN Transition Course and the COPE Program (Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday), assisting Canadian Forces Veterans in their transition to civilian life and assisting veterans and their spouses as they deal with the effects of PTSD.