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"COPE Coaches: Moving the Human Spirit employs certified professional solution-focused coaches, who have completed accredited coach training and have at least 500-700 hours of client coaching. Each individual coach holds an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accreditation and is trained in Individual, Family and Couples Coaching.

A bit about coaching: Professional Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and a willing individual, family or couple, which connects at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision. It supports through a process of discovery, goal setting and specific action for the realization of extraordinary results. It is based in a body of knowledge, technology and a style of relating that focus on the development of human capacity.

 In solution focused coaching, the individuals are held capable of generating their own solutions, while the coach provides a supportive, discovery-based framework. While positive emotions are typically the natural outcome of great coaching, our primary focus is on creating strategies for change. Solution-focused coaching is forward moving and future-focused, and depends upon action, accountability and follow through.

Coaching is like a giant sandbox where we get to explore how your dreams become attainable goals; we discover, together, a sense of purpose and direction for you to explore. Sometimes we need clarity; sometimes we need accountability; and sometimes we need both. 

A coach isn’t someone who “provides expert advice,” but an expert who provides the framework, questions, exercises, and accountability for you to make the positive changes you desire from life. If you’re not sure what those are, a great coach will help you discover just that.

Questions we will ask will include: Are you ready to focus on yourself and nurture your personal development? Are you prepared to work toward your goals? Do you feel collaboration and accountability will help you become unstuck? Are your commitments to yourself and others out of balance? Are you willing to let go of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk? Would you like to increase self-confidence and resilience? What are you passionate about? What’s another way of looking at this? What are your next steps? What will this get you? What would make this effortless? What do you avoid?

We like to say that a life coach wears many hats, as a facilitator, advocate, friend, navigator, partner, sometimes consultant, but it’s a dramatically different relationship from other improvement processes; in coaching, you share that power. People expect us to tell them what to do. In reality, we prompt them to tell us what they want to do. It’s the synergy in our relationship that creates opportunity and change. Be honest open, and brave; the more you jump right into coaching, the better your experience and outcome will be. We hold the space for you to explore and create your best life."